Cabinet Accessories & Lighting

Green Woods & Goods stocks our most popular cabinet accessories and undercabinet lights. We manufacture our own Waste Basket Pullout and we even have one with a servo drive! The servo drive is a electronic opener which is activated by slight touch of the door panel.

We also stock polymer and wood lazy susans, tilt-out trays  , Wine Racks. We also manufacture our own custom lattice which is used for door inserts and can be made virtually any size. Also, we can custom manufacture the wood lattice in any wood species. Furthermore, we offer decorative wire grill cut to size for decorative cabinet doors. We can also offer decorative glass in over 100 styles and finishes. We also offer stained glass inserts for cabinet doors which are custom made to order.

We sell only LED Lighting because it is much safer and economical to run than halogen and other such lighting. We have satin chrome LED light Pucks and Continuous LED Light Strip to name a few. Our LED lighting is quality made and is metal, not plastic. it comes in regular output 1 amp and high output 3amp. Also, our LED lights come in bright White, Day Light, and Warm White. (The LED’s are rated for 50,000 hours of use which translates to about 20 years.)