Recycled Countertops

There are several choices for “Green Friendly” Countertops and at “Green Woods and Goods we have the widest selection of Recycled Countertops.

  • Recycled Glass Countertop by Gilasi and Vetrazzo  are  Concrete Based with Recycled Glass.
  • Recycled Paper Countertop by Paperstone which is recycled and pressed together with such pressure it has the feel of Corian Solid Surface.
  • Recycled Solid Surface Material- Avonite and Corian by Dupont both make a Recycled Solid Surface Countertop.
  • Recycled Quartz Countertop- Ceasarstone makes a recycled Quartz Countertop material.

Regardless of what recycled countertop you are looking for Green Woods & Goods can rest assure you will be doing your environment a favor by selecting a more Eco friendly countertop!