Sawmill Service

Green Woods & Goods offers a complete sawmill cutting service. Green Woods owns a 36″ Sawmill and can cut logs to order. We can cut the material anywhere from 1/2″ thick up to 12″ thick. Also, we can cut live edge boards for custom projects.

We have White Oak, Red Oak, Birch, Hickory, Ash, Ironwood, Poplar(Cottonwood), Cedar logs which are readily available for milling. Also, we have access to other logs such as Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, Elm, Locust, Mulberry, Linden, Mahogany, and even exotic woods.

Our Sawmill Service does require some time to process especially if you would also like to use our Kiln Drying service. The thicker the lumber the longer it will require to dry.

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