Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops may not be the “greenest” products offered at Green Woods & Goods, but there are certain suppliers that offer Solid Surface Countertops made of Recycled Solid Surface materials. Typically, the solid surface material is made of either Acrylic or Polyester or a combination of the two products. We carry a wide variety of Solid Surface Materials including: Hi-Mac, Corian, Avonite, Staron, Gilbraltar.

Slab Wood

Green Woods & Goods maintains our own Sawmill and Kiln Drying Service which goes hand and hand with Cutting and Preparing your Solid Wood Slabs of Wood. Basically it is a very simple process:

1) Specify the Species of Wood.

2) Specify any special attributes required.

3 )Allow us the time to prepare the wood.

Thick slabs of wood such as 3″ Slabs take several months to prepare. Generally, once the slabs are cut they are air dried for a period and then when adequately air dried then processed in our dehudifier dry kiln.

Sawmill Service

Green Woods & Goods offers a complete sawmill cutting service. Green Woods owns a 36″ Sawmill and can cut logs to order. We can cut the material anywhere from 1/2″ thick up to 12″ thick. Also, we can cut live edge boards for custom projects.

We have White Oak, Red Oak, Birch, Hickory, Ash, Ironwood, Poplar(Cottonwood), Cedar logs which are readily available for milling. Also, we have access to other logs such as Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, Elm, Locust, Mulberry, Linden, Mahogany, and even exotic woods.

Our Sawmill Service does require some time to process especially if you would also like to use our Kiln Drying service. The thicker the lumber the longer it will require to dry.

Bees wax

A Natural Beeswax is often used in custom finishing of fine furniture. It can be used in combination with natural oils as a hand rubbed finish. Also beeswax can be used to lubricate drawers and tracks. (This product can also be applied directly to Antiques, Concrete and Composite Countertops)

If you are interested, ask Dan the Wood Doctor about his custom Oil/Wax Finish!



Tung Oil

100% Tung Oil is used as a natural finish over wood and provides a finish highly resistant to Water and Alcohol. It can be easily applied with a soft cotton rag. You can wipe it on and allow it to soak in and then wipe off any access. You can apply muliple coats.

Typically used on custom furniture and other similar projects. Recommended on raw wood only because it is a penetrating oil.

(Not recommended for ktichen cabinets or any high use areas)

Milk paint

Old Fashioned Milk Paint comes in a powdered form and is mixed with water to produce a paint finish unique to other finishes. the milk paint is applied with a brush and you can see some wood grain throughout the painted surface.

  Available in 20 colors and also you can mix colors to create many other colors. Our milk paint is available for wood surfaces and also we have “Safepaint ” which is a milk paint to be used on  interior walls.

Barn Red or Country Blue are some of the more popular colors.


Cutting Service

With Several 10” and 12” table saws and a 12’ Panel Saw we can also cut your parts for you.

We can cut your solid wood or panel goods to size. Our Holzher 12′ Panel Saw is great for cutting panels nice and square.

(We also have a sawmill that is great for cutting logs into large slabs or dimensional lumber.)

(Please also ask about our dehumidifier dry kiln for drying lumber to perfection)

Finishing Service

We can custom stain or lacquer your project and we also have a stripping and refinishing service. We offer finishes from a dull finish, matte, high gloss.

We stock water based lacquers that are LOW VOC and we also have a No VOC Clear Coat Finish. We spray with both High Pressure and Low Pressure guns.

Our finishing service are second to none.

Planing Services

If you need your boards planed to a certain thickness we can plane up to a 25” wide board. Also, we can plane boards up to 20 feet in length.

Typically, we can plane to 3/4″ or 1/2″ or to just about any thickness required.

(Also, if you are worried about chipout we also have a 43″ wide belt sander.)