Edgebanding Service

We have a Hot Glue Edgebander that can apply professional PVC, Melamine and Wood Edgebanding to 3mm thick.

Whether you are in need of wood, laminate, melamine, PVC edgebanding we can supply and or install for you.

Our edge banding service can be for doors, drawer fronts, fillers, shelves or just about anything your project requires.

Sanding Services

If you need something sanded and either hate sanding or you don’t have the equipment to sand your wood, then we can sand it for you. We have a 43” widebelt sander and many other professional sanding equipment to assist in your sanding needs.

Typically, we sand only hardwood or softwood in our wide belt sander. On occasion we sand either plywood or MDF too. The sander is great for running raised panel doors and shaker cabinet doors too.

Also, we have several Dynabrade random orbital sanders which are tied into our compressed air. Our Festool sanders are also great especially for job site work.

Custom Entry Doors

We also make custom wood entry doors made the old fashioned way out of solid wood and typically 2 ¼” thick. We can manufacture doors up to 60” in width and 144” in height. Typically the taller the door the thinker it is required to be. We can do glass inserts and thermopaned glass panels to accompany any door. We have many decorative glass choices to choose from is our showroom.

Also, we have decorative wire grilles and speakeasy doors, clavos and wrought iron grills and inserts available.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is available in Hundreds of colors and now available in “High Definition” which has more authentic look of real Granites and Marbles. Also We carry several brands such as Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite, Nevamar, And several Italian Laminates like Abet Lamineti.

Although the high pressure laminates have been replaced by other surfaces such as Quartz and Solid Surface, they are still some of the most economical counter surfaces available today.

Many of the high pressure laminates are available in a Matte, Suede, and High Gloss Finish.

Glass Countertops

Recent introductions of “Designer Glass” Countertops has come into the marketplace. They range in thickness from ½” up to about 3” in thickness but also come back painted almost any color and some cases in a rainbow of colors. Also the Glass can be Back textured which adds more dimension to the material.

Glass Countertops have become popular in more contemporary kitchens and work areas. Sometimes the glass is being backlit with LED lighting.

Metal Countertops

The most common metal tops are Stainless Steel Countertops. But there are also Zinc, Copper and other metals used for countertops too.

In most cases we will come to the project and make a plywood template of the countertop and then use that exact template to wrap the metal. The template gives us an exact size needed for the job and also functions as additional support for the metal being wrapped around the wood.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops have come a long way since first introduced. You can now select different colors and finishes. Also, the concrete tops can have rocks, steel, glass and other type products inlayed into the top when the top is poured. There are also special types of concrete that don’t outgas like the original countertops.

Typically, our concrete countertops are prefabricated in the shop prior to having them installed. The prefab top is better in that we spend less time in the home and on installation. Also, we have better resources in the shop for the fabrication process.

Wood Countertops

There are many choices of wood countertops.

  • Traditional Butcherblock type Solid Maple Countertops
  • Solid Mahogany, Walnut & Other Wide Plank and End Grain Wood Tops.
  • Solid Slab Wood Countertops
  • Salvaged Wood from Lake Michigan Countertops
  • Bamboo Countertops by Teregrin
  • Our wood tops are made to your specifications. So we can use any width of boards or thickness of boards you require. The wood tops can be treated with a natural oil finish or we can finish with a heavy duty topcoat depending on how you are planning on using the top.

    Recycled Countertops

    There are several choices for “Green Friendly” Countertops and at “Green Woods and Goods we have the widest selection of Recycled Countertops.

    • Recycled Glass Countertop by Gilasi and Vetrazzo  are  Concrete Based with Recycled Glass.
    • Recycled Paper Countertop by Paperstone which is recycled and pressed together with such pressure it has the feel of Corian Solid Surface.
    • Recycled Solid Surface Material- Avonite and Corian by Dupont both make a Recycled Solid Surface Countertop.
    • Recycled Quartz Countertop- Ceasarstone makes a recycled Quartz Countertop material.

    Regardless of what recycled countertop you are looking for Green Woods & Goods can rest assure you will be doing your environment a favor by selecting a more Eco friendly countertop!

    Quartz Countertops

    We carry Hanstone, Silestone, Ceasarstone, Zodiac, Cambria, Samsung to name a few!

    Because of all the choices we have in Suppliers it is now more of what color best works with your space that comedown to the main criteria in selecting a material. All the quartz materials are similar in there manufacturing methods.

    The Cambria usually takes an extra week to fabricate because it has to be done at the regional fabrication center which is in Minnesota.