Green Wood & Goods offers a wide selection of cabinet hardware and decorative hardware and accessories. With over 30 years of hands on experience, we are offering only products that we have been satisfied with over the last three decades. We do not sell “cheap hardware” but quality hardware and accessories.

We stock the most common hardware and some of the more specialized hardware will have to be special ordered. We stock screws, fasteners, dummy front clips, hinges, hinge plates, lazy susans, tilt out trays(stainless steel), and many other such items. The majority of the decorative hardware is special ordered. (The hardware we stock is the same hardware our custom cabinet shop has over 33 years of hands on experience using- It has been tested by our cabinet shop and earned our “seal of approval”.)

LED-LightingCabinet Accessories & Lighting

Green Woods & Goods stocks our most used cabinet accessories and undercabinet lights. We manufacture our own Waste Basket Pullout and we even have one with a servo drive! He servo drive is a electronic openinr which is activated by s slight touch of the door panel.

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Decorative-HardwareDecorative Hardware

“Green Woods & Goods” carries a wide selection of decorative hardware but because of the vast array of colors and styles.

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We stock “Blum” hinges and hardware because we have over thirty years of experience with these quality hinges. There are many imitations and look alikes out there but none have standed the test of time like the “Blum” Brand. These hinges carry a “Lifetime” Warranty.

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We stock the screws most often used by cabinet makers. Screws ranging from ½” wood screws to 3 ½” cabinet screws mostly with combo heads which accept Phillips and square heads. We also stock pocket hole screws and drawer front screws.

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