Green Woods & Goods offers a wide selection of Hardwoods & Softwoods. The majority of our wood is locally harvested from dead, damaged or salvaged trees. We maintain our own Lumber Mill and Dry Kiln. We have some of the “greenest” wood in the Midwest. Green meaning locally harvested and milled with special consideration given to the environment.

Our wood has a history or story beind it, which allows our customers a story to pass on to their customers and to their friends and so on… For example, our Walnut came from a Construction Site in Crystal Lake where the builder had to salvage the tree in order to construct a new home on the property.

We can custom size and mill virtually any wood your heart desires. If you want 180 board feet of Black Elm we can access the wood from our 100 acres of wooded land in Wisconsin or other local sources.

Whether you want domestic hardwood or locally salvaged softwood or exotic solid wood or exotic veneers or reconstituted veneers we have access to a large variety of woods, veneers and sheet goods.

slabSlab Wood

Green Woods & Goods maintains our own Sawmill and Kiln Drying Service which goes hand and hand with Cutting and Preparing your Solid Wood Slabs of Wood.

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Sheet-Goods-2Sheet Goods

Our sheet goods are mostly 4’ x 8’ sheets of Plywood, MDF, Wheat Board, Kerei Board, Bamboo and other such sheet goods.

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“Green woods and Goods” carries a full line of Domestic and Exotic veneers mostly in the form of paperbacked and 2ply veneers. But we also have Flitches of some woods which can be used for high end veneer projects. We also sell a full line of Reconstituted Veneers which are plentiful wood such as Italian Poplar which is died and cut to simulate Exotic woods such as Wenge, Rosewood, and Mahogany.

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Salvaged-WoodSalvaged Wood

We carry old growth Hardwood which have been discarded in Lake Michigan and locally salvaged, dried and milled for a unique old growth wood experience. Also, we get 100 year old barnwood and Beams from old barns that have fallen down or that are in desperate shape.

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recycled-woodRecycled Wood

We take scraps of wood from our shop and recycle them into solid wood panels that can be used for furniture projects. Also, we take old cabinet doors and recycle the wood into usable wood for cabinet fronts and other projects.( These woods are planed and sanded and brought to a new life.)

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We also have softwoods such as Pine, Fir, Cedar and Cypress. Our softwoods are locally harvested and milled mostly from storm damage trees and discarded trees.

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We have a large variety of hardwoods in stock and can also custom order virtually any wood you specify.

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